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Aside from being drug free, Red Vamp is best known for her modeling appearances in Bite Me, Dark Realms and Gothic Beauty Magazine. In addition to her career as a model and goth mag cover girl, Red Vamp has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. The following is a message from Red Vamp:

Almost everyone has heard the warnings against drug abuse and been given examples of people such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, who were in the prime of their lives, famous, loved and adored….only to have it all taken away by drugs. I've seen my share of people in my life who, due to drug use, have wasted their brains away, destroyed their relationships or been involved in drug influenced incidents or accidents. No one is immune to drug addiction, the problems it can cause and the things it can rob you of in your life. However, I would also like to talk about the other side of drug addiction…the friends, family, children, etc. of the drug abuser and how they pay as much, if not more, than the one taking the drugs.

Several years ago, my daughter was born over 3 months premature and weighed only two pounds at birth. No doctor knew the reason why I went into labor so early. It was just a fluke. My daughter is healthy today, but had to endure 3 months in the neonatal intensive care unit fighting for her life. She struggled alongside other critically ill babies, some of which were born prematurely due to their mother's drug use or were born addicted to drugs. I watched these babies struggle and one of these babies die one day. Unfortunately, these drug babies had to pay for the decisions of their mothers. The one that died paid the ultimate price for what she did. No matter what…. even if she already had an addiction before she got pregnant and was unable to kick it during pregnancy, her child still paid a terrible price for her initial decision to ever do the drug in the first place. In addition, it was heartbreaking to see the drug addicted babies, who through their daily struggles to live, were never visited by their mothers and given the warmth of their mother's touch because she was either off getting high or had just become numb to what really mattered due to her addiction taking priority in her life.

I also have a son. He has some dear friends ages 3-8 that lost their father to a heroin overdose. Not only were these children robbed of their father and are being forced to grow up without him, their mother has been left a widow having to raise these children without him. These children can only visit their father's grave on Father's Day and other holidays. That is what they are left with on what should be joyous days shared with both parents…..a gravesite.

My point is that drug abuse affects more than just the person who does the drug. It affects those whom you love and those that love you. I so often hear the phrase, “It's my body. I can do what I want with it ” or “It is just harmless fun”. It is not. The people most important in your life often end up paying. Unfortunately, most people do not consider this when they decide to do a drug…. they only think they are responsible for themselves. Even if you are young and single with no responsibilities, it still matters. There are still those who love you and vice versa that will be affected. How many parents' lives have been shattered over drug overdoses or drug abuse related incidences of their children? If you have a nonchalant point of view concerning drugs, thinking it involves only your own safety and health, consider those you love and what you are willing to risk. What are you willing to put them through?


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