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The Truth of the Vampire Community

I was a prominent part of one of the most popular and well known online vampire organizations for over two years. I served as both a council member and an elder of the Vampire Church. My duties within the VC ranged from organizing new projects to interviewing and accepting new members. I was the first council member to moderate their e-list and when I joined we had just over 200 members. At the time I left there was almost 1000. I moderated the VC message board, organized new projects such as the VC webring, the awards committee (which was responsible for giving out the awards offered by the VC), managed the online art gallery and poetry section of the website, moderated the VC poetry list and acted as advisor to the founder of the VC. There are many other responsibilities I had off and on during my 2 1/2 years as a council member. During that time I also served as an elder of a lesser known and now dormant organization known as the “House of Nekhbet”. What is written in this article is what I have come to understand of the so-called “Vampire Community” and exactly why it is that I have all but vanished from the online vampire scene.

Organizations such as the Vampire Church and the countless smaller organizations ( known as ”houses”) that have tried to duplicate it are part of what is known as the “real vampire community”. “Real Vampirism” is thought among these organizations to be a condition that some people suffer from that stems from the need to “feed” from what is known as the “life force energy”. There have been many arguments within the community and with those outside the community as to whether or not “vampire” is the correct name for the condition. This article will not debate the validity of the name.

The downfall for me and my role within the VC started when I decided to rid the organization of those who are simply lost in a fantasy world. I am Pagan and I have studied many areas of the occult and the paranormal. I understand the theories of psychic phenomena and I understand raising energy and directing that energy towards achieving a certain goal. The concept of draining living objects of energy is something that many spiritual paths teach and believe in. Many of us understand what a psychic vampire is. I was willing to believe and listen to many people who said that they were experiencing things related to “psychic vampirism”.

The problem with the online vampire community is this: Many are willing to believe way too much with little or no evidence. In a sense, there are too many gullible people within the community. There are also too many who are willing to perpetuate another's fantasy world so that the other person will do the same for them. Many Pagan traditions teach of psychic vampires and I can understand the concept of the psychic vampire, but there are now people claiming to be part “werewolf”, part “dragon”, part “faery”, and part “vampire”. So I started to ask, where should reality end and fantasy begin? Needless to say that this was a question that was not very welcome. When I decided to directly challenge people on their claims of such things I was insulted and threatened. Then many people started to boast of having extraordinary psychic abilities. One person claimed to be able to levitate, another claimed to be able to shape-shift, another claimed to be immortal and so on. I again decided to challenge these claims and again I was met with insults and threats. Some of you are asking “What kind of threats can someone make over the internet that anyone would take seriously?” Well, I didn't take the threats seriously and in fact I challenged everyone who made threats to carry them out. You see, I was threatened with “Psychic Attack”. No, no one achieved any such attack in spite of my direct challenge.
People began to complain about me and telling others that I was just “closed minded”. Soon the words “arrogant” and “nazi” were thrown into the mix and the other council members began to take the side of the cosmically gullible and started to put pressure on me to give up my quest for reality. I refused to budge. My theory was this: the VC and all of it's clone organizations claim to be here to dispel the misconceptions that real vampires face. It was my opinion that all of these half-dragons and half-werewolves were doing nothing more the spreading misconceptions and making those who believed themselves to suffer from real vampirism look like idiots. Who would take a community seriously when that community is overrun with fictional role-play nonsense? In short, I was being censored and I refused to conform. I fought everyone within the council save for my wife and continued to stand my ground against those who made bogus claims. Then one day it happened...A member of the VC itself made the claim that he was able to astral project. So, I stepped forward with my challenge. I asked him to come to me in astral form so that I may verify his claim. The next day I got an e-mail from him. He attempted to describe my home in detail. Needless to say that his detail of my home was way off. When I told him this I got another e-mail where he attempted to describe the area in which I live. Well, he knew what city I lived in and it was obvious that he tried to guess at the surrounding area by looking at a map. He said that from my window I could see the mountains and then made reference to a Native American reservation nearby. Well, from my window I see an apartment complex, not mountains and the Native American reservation is actually not all that close. After I told him was wrong on this as well, his reply was simply “Well, I can't see the physical when I'm in astral form.” Why then, did he attempt to describe the inside of my home?

I forwarded this little exchange to the founder of the VC to prove my point and defend myself in this argument. After all I now had proof that these people are simply making claims just for the hell of it. I was in fact lied to by the most prominent supporter of these people within the VC. It seems however that I was not able to sway anyone's opinion in the direction of supporting me.

One wonders what the purpose would be in making these claims. Why do so many boast such obviously false abilities? These are questions that I am still asking myself.

There is yet another aspect of the Vampire Community that I wish to warn everyone about. Most of the people there are looking to gain notoriety and popularity. In a sense it is extremely political when you look into it's many organizations. I witnessed much in the way of hypocrisy and two-faced situations. I myself was the victim of such. There is one person in particular that claimed to “care about me and love me as a brother” and yet she went behind my back and spread rumors and made certain things that happened a year in the past seem recent and new. I admit that I speak my mind rather bluntly and that can be very offensive. I had made a statement about a guy who without doubt was a pervert. I, in fact, called him a pervert. However, a year after the fact this person who “loved me as a brother” decided to tell him that I said so and made it seem as though I had just made the statement. Another aspect of this hypocrisy is this...

Remember the guy who claimed to “astral project” to my home? Well, one person said that he was “being a brat, a baby and basically full of it” about his claims. She then sends e-mails to the list saying how much she loves him and how close they are and so on. I wonder if he knows what she privately thinks. Still, this is only one aspect of the popular vampire community. There is still another. Those who are simply out to soak you for a dollar...

Enter my experience with the ever-so-popular Sanguinarium, a monster organization run by a man known as Father Sabastian Todd. At the time that I joined the Vampire Church there were many people who were complaining of sending money to the Sanguinarium for “membership” packages and not receiving them. Todd is a poor businessman to say the least. His ego is overly inflated and he constantly surrounds himself with lackeys in order to make himself feel important. He has lied to me and ignored e-mail from anyone who can not earn him a dollar or contribute to his feeling of importance. I openly challenged him to prove me wrong on an e-list and he in fact ignored my e-mail altogether.

The Sanguinarium fancies itself as a sort of United Nation among the Vampire Community. Todd feels that every vampire organization should be part of the Sanguinarium in one way or another and he is constantly harassing the founders of these organizations to join him in one fashion or another. He will exaggerate his relationship with the founders to the members of these organizations so that he may gain their support. When asked about his exaggerations he will either ignore the question or try to lead the conversation off into another direction.

There is yet one more aspect of the vampire community. Those who whine, cry, moan, and groan for attention and then lose all rational thought when it is not received. Enter the malcontents of the vampire community. These are people who will slander your name, harass you through e-mail, and put up webpages making bogus claims. This has in fact happened to me and many within the vampire community. There are those who have made accusations of Todd and the founder of the VC being child molesters, criminals, cult leaders and have even gone as far to find their addresses and phone numbers so that they may harass them off line as well. Now, in spite of my distaste of Todd, I will say this: I have never witnessed anything except bad business practice that would tie him to anything in any way criminal. The same for the founder of the VC, I never saw anything even remotely criminal in my time in the Vampire Church.

My purpose for this article is to give an incite to the egos, hypocrisy and loss of reality in the vampire community. It is in fact a community that I feel is better left to it's own devices. No good will come from it until those who have influence in it realize their mistakes and take a step back to find the best direction to go in. The reality needs to be put back into the community and everyone needs to realize that no one person is more important than the next.

There is no secret power to be found in the vampire community and no one has any ancient secrets to bestow upon you. If you take a step into the “vampire community” remember one thing...

It's egos make it worse than the mainstream and the calibre of people within it make it unbelievable and laughable to those who have a strong grasp of reality. I actually walked away from the vampire community after 2 1/2 years of service with only one strong message to pass on:

“Some people are happy in their own fantasies. Threaten those fantasies and they become irrational.”

Blessings to all...

~Shadow Villanueva~


I want to add this note as an update to this article. This was written back in 2002 and some things have changed within the community. Mainly concerning Father Todd. I believe the Sanguinarium has since been abolished and he now runs a website to promote his “Vampire Almanac”.

However, all other hypocracies, stupidity and ignorance is still rampant within the community. For instance, it has now become common place for every idiot to slap up a website with the same old moldy information that every other website in the community has and call themselves a “house”. Then say “oh, we are trying to do what is best for the community”. I don’t think I have to point out the stupidity in stealing what everyone else says and believes and then claiming to be the ones who are going to “do what is best”.

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